The Wolf Project

The Wolf soon to be the newest and hottest meme coin to hit the Binance Smart Chain. Will you come along for the ride or be left in the dust?

As The Wolf community, we plan to move forward by introducing a different perspective to the dog ecosystem. Out of respect for dogecoin that initiated the Dog ecosystem, every Wolf token staker will earn doge coins. Also, 3% of our total reserves will be kept locked in developer wallets for 3-6 and 9 months.

We will send 5% of the unburned supply to the wallet reservedfor The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), to be released on the 9th month following our presale period.

The Wolf Token - $ALPHA

Wolf token is the base currency that allows investors to keep substantial amounts in their wallets. At the same time, Wolf token stakers earn dogecoin, the first coin of the dog ecosystem. All they have to do is to keep the wolf ecosystem tokens in their wallets such as $ALPHA and $OMEGA.

Wolf token is on its way to reach international coverage in notime. Our telegram groups are led successfully in 12 languages, and growing fast. By leading the Dog ecosystem, the Wolf presents a huge opportunity for those who missed out on being early-stage investors of the ecosystem's other currencies such as dogecoin, shiba, floki and akita.

Marketing fee : 3%

Doge Rewards : 3%

Buyback fee : 2%

Liquidity fee : 1%

Wolf cub - $BETA

Tholf community’s baby token is the wolf cub named $BETA. Wolf cub ($BETA) holders will earn wolf coins based on their stake.

With a total supply of ONLY 250,000 tokens (the approximate wolf population in the World), it represents the ecosystem’s development stage. In addition, a special club structure is being created for Wolf cub holders which will offer lucrative rewards for holders with sustained liquidity.

Wolf Pack - $OMEGA

Omega has a total of 332,000,000 coins. It is designed as a management token. Holders are the selective force of the wolf pack.

It is a governance token that allows the wolf pack to vote on future proposals, decisions and rules in the DAO.

Marketing fee : 2%

Shib Rewards : 5%

Liquidity fee : 2%

The Wolf App APPS

Once you enter the Wolf ecosystem, you can manage everything easily on the Wolf app. Both the management system and the swap function are included in our app. In addition, the club social network created for $BETA holders will also be accessible on the app.

  • News from our ecosystem
  • Voting system
  • Staking rewards calculation
  • Swap between networks and tokens
  • $BETA club social network login

Wolf Economics WOLF

With the innovative Wolf project, holders are guaranteed to receive passive dogecoin earnings while they sleep!

Wolf is also designed to be used as currency in our upcoming collection of play and earn games. With the Community's contribution, the Wolf Kingdom will rise in the Metaverse.

%90 of total supply is sent to burn address to reduce the total supply. (0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead)


Burned Tokens


Circulating Supply


Developer Tokens - Locked


OIE Tokens - Locked


$ALPHA Live Price Chart





Liquidity - Locked for 10 years


Developer Tokens - Locked


Airdrop - Locked


$OMEGA Live Price Chart




Phase 01

New Website and Branding

Social Media Channels

Smart Contracts

Official Whitepaper

Pinksale Presale

Pancakeswap Launch

Applying Coin Gecko

Applying Coin Market Cap

Aggressive Marketing

Phase 02

Charity Donations

Community / Team Building


Phase 03

The Wolf Swap

Influencer Marketing Push

Phase 04

Launch of Merchandise

Further Partnerships

NFT and Games

Phase 05

Launch of Nft Marketplace

Phase 06

The Wolf preparation & Press Tour

The wolf app launch

Creation of the wolf voting system

The Beta club launch

Powered by Genesis Team TEAM

The Wolf Team has a passion for blockchain technologies and a long standing industry expertise & proven record in finance, project development, marketing & licensing.

Yusuf Selimoğlu
Founder & Developer
Volkan Şahin
Founder & Lead Marketing

Frequently asked questions FAQS

You can't progress unless you're versatile and agile.

We recognize that every initiative confronts obstacles, but survival and growth are among the most difficult to accept, adapt, and pivot to.

Decentralized Finance has come a long way in the last years by guaranteeing that all those services are easily accessible to anyone in any region of the globe. The Wolf Project was born to bring a new perspective to the dog ecosystem. The newest and trendiest meme coin to hit the Binance Smart Chain is on its way under the name of Wolf Token. Check out the FAQs below and please get in touch using the contact form belowif you still have any questions. What is the utility of the Wolf Token?

We are a community that takes serious ownershipThis is an audited project and the team is entirely accountable to investors and community members. We believe in sustainable growth that benefits everyone, including investors, token holders, as well as the crypto and decentralized communities as a whole.

The Wolf - $Alpha and Wolf Pack - $Omega Tokens can be purchased with BNB.

Participation in the Wolf token sale can ben done on multiple platforms.

You can purchase Wolf - $Alpha tokens on Pancakeswap or it is also available for purchase on Poocoin.

To buy The Wolf Pack - $Omega tokens, you can use Poocoin.

The Wolf Token aspires to achieve international prominence in a short period of time. It provides a great opportunity for investors who missed out on being early-stage investors of the ecosystem's other currencies such asdogecoin, shiba, floki, and akita.. Every Wolf token staker earns doge coins as staking rewards. In addition, 3% of the total Wolf reserve will be held in developer wallets for 3-6 and 9 months, respectively.

OIE stands for The World Organization for Animal Health. We'll donate 5% of our unburned reserve to The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) wallet, which will be released on the 9th month after the presale period.


Any questions? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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